May 21, 2012

New Products Presented by Porro

Among the most looked-for furnishing brands on the market, Porro stands out for its essential and immediately identified language, with simple signs, geometries, shapes, without forgetting in case of highly complex production processing too, its unique company philosophy: simplicity.

All Porro products are the result of a subtraction, form a progressive simplification process. Systems which are complex too, are the result of a very simple aesthetic vision, based on consistency, simplification, simplicity, without forgetting quality, the best possible quality at all.

In the recent years, Porro has collaborated with International designers such as Jean Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet and the Swedish group, Front.

This year at the Salone del Mobile Porro introduced a few new pieces but also reinvented some of their already established pieces from their furniture collection.

The new Chameleon unit, designed by Front, is a magic volume, opening on itself as a Chinese box game, changing appearance and revealing new finishes. To be used as a bedroom unit or to furnish the living room, it consists of a pear-wood crate, a soft wood in a delicate rose color, customized with drawers and shelves and covered with precious leathers, used as a hinge, allow to turn it and changed into a luggage or a bag, to change its color and look - from white to black - according to your mood.

Piero Lissoni designed a new accessory for the Porro Collection: the Tiller sideboard, available in two models, vertically developed on 1.6 meters wide and horizontally developed on 2.2 meters wide, shows 4 doors can be opened one on the other pleasantly changing the front design appearance. Raised on 4 matte black metal feet from the floor, Tiller proves once more the technical expertise of a brand able to test year after year new opening mechanisms and technologies. Structure in Eucalypt wood, inner drawers on demand.


The new design to enter into the Porro table collection is the new extension table, Taac, by the young Italian designer Michele Cazzaniga, whose top can extend form a minimum of 190cm to 300cm wide, and is 95cm deep. A project simply translating the practical requirement of the new shapes, materials and technical solutions: in Eucalypt, a dark wood, extremely consistent and richly shaded, barely displaying the internal black aluminum frame.

Stolen form a fairy tale, directly coming from a children's book, the result of any dream coming true, the Gentle chair entirely reinterprets the seat archetype, making its shapes far more modern and purified. If at a first glance it looks like a continuum, a pattern drawing drafted without moving the pencil from the paper, in reality it perfectly hides a complex project, matching metal covered by soft leather at the back legs level, moving up to the back arch, to the light wood of the front legs, becoming the arm and back supports, in a subtle opposite contrast. The soft back and the leather upholstered seat make the chair "soft" at the touch and at sight, in a harmonic double-colored optical effect, graphical and retro at the same time, always two colors perfectly and elegantly matched.

The Jade designed by Christophe Pillet was reintroduced this year in a new finish, canaletto walnut.  Its harmonious lines and relaxed posture distinguish the Jade lounge armchair: presented by Porro in leather or eco-leather it appears to be suspended on the structure with cross base, supported at four points.

A new round version for the Synapsis table, designed by Jean Marie Massaud, was added this year to compliment the original design of the oval table with cut ends version. The innovation of this item is represented by the bearing element: a plated, white or black steel wire grille that has been emptied and transformed in a web of welded pipes. The base looks very light when coupled with the light top. The oval version is available in Pral, in all the lacquered colors of the sample collection, white or black high resistant matte lacquered, in black stained hemlock or in "carbone" oak. The round version is available in Pral or in all the lacquered colors of the sample collection.

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