September 20, 2011

DZINE Introduces Matteograssi and Bonacina

DZINE is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Matteograssi and Bonacina products to our showroom.  DZINE is excited to be the exclusive representative for these two great furniture companies, both under Matteograssi Spa, that have a rich history and heritage in fine furniture making.

The history of Matteograssi began in Mariano Comense, a small town situated in a small area called Brianza, located in Lombardy, a region of northern Italy, where the head of what was to become a dynasty of leather craftsmen opened a workshop in 1880.

The sign over the entrance read “Saddlery”. Inside, the Grassi family - Matteo and his wife, and later on, his sons - would carefully craft articles made of coach hide, such as saddles, bridles, reins and the full harness which horses need for work and transport. At the time, the Brianza district was mostly a farming area, and the Grassi family business adapted to the needs of an agricultural economy in which the ability of the craftsman, and his skills in coming up with solutions, were the key to success.

At the end of the Second World War, the family business took on a different character. Brianza started to become one of the liveliest industrial furniture areas in Italy, and the Grassi family paid close attention to the changes that were occurring. From the 1950s to the ‘70s, thanks to their lengthy experience crafting fine saddlery, the family began producing coach hide components for other companies and their many customers included almost all of the most celebrated names in furnishings. As this work was performed, contact was made on a daily basis with designers and architects who would follow the various steps in the production process. Thus, the family developed a passion for design, along with a special talent and style, which ultimately led to the decision to found the Matteograssi company in 1978 and create its own line of furnishings.

The first item bearing the company’s name was the ‘Korium’ armchair by Tito Agnoli, an immediate success that brought the creativity of this small, dynamic firm under the spotlight. Since then, Matteograssi has enjoyed uninterrupted success and growth. After more than hundred years in business, its name is now found at international airports such as Dubai, Kiev, Rome, Paris, Athens, Beijing and Djakarta, amidst millions of people travelling daily. Although the old saddlery seems to have little in common with a company that is known the world over, there is a strong bond between the two. That bond is coach hide itself...and much more. The 19th century farms in Brianza and today’s futuristic airports in steel and glass are linked by the production skills of craftsmen who intelligently follow changes in taste and in the economy adapting their knowledge and experience to the needs of the present.

September 13, 2011

New Moroso Display

DZINE is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Moroso display to our showroom.  Showcasing some of our favorite Moroso pieces as well as some of the latest designs introduced at the 2011 Salone del Mobile in Milan.

'Lowland' sofa detail

'Klara' armchairs designed by Patricia Urquiola and 'Twist Again' stools designed by Karmelina Martina

'Fergana' side tables and 'Redondo' armchairs designed by Patricia Urquiola

'Bohemian' sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola

'Lowland' sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola

September 12, 2011

DZINE Contract Division

DZINE Contract has grown out of the highly successful residential segment of the DZINE business. Eve and Cardenio Petrucci, founders of DZINE, have been selling and designing interiors projects for over 10 years. Their showroom has grown to 15,000 sq ft and their sales team applies the high level of hands on service that is synonymous with all aspects of work that DZINE does.

DZINE Contract supplies a wide range of high quality, contemporary, internationally designed furniture and lighting to architects, designers and corporate clients including offices, restaurants and bars, hotels and condominiums, department stores, museums, theatres and airports. In addition, we offer several outdoor lines as well as many products available for quickship. We deliver and manage projects on time and on budget in the United States and abroad. We are customer focused and provide excellent after-sales support.

Through our broad supplier network, combined with the experience of the dedicated DZINE Contract team, we can help provide imaginative and exciting solutions which are also practical and cost efficient.

Please visit our showroom at 128 Utah St to view the wide selection of contract furnishings and lighting available through DZINE or contact Samantha Hartley Hewitt at

Samantha Hartley Hewitt






Established and Sons





Living Divani



Paola Lenti






September 8, 2011

Designer Tiles

DZINE is excited to carry three Italian manufacturers of tile; Domenico Mori, Salvatori, and Mutina. The range in styles and materials varies between the manufacturers, but they all have in common a rich history in Italy and the production of high quality tile.

A family-run business composed of artistic craftsmen, Domenico Mori was founded in 1860. Domenico Mori, the founder's great grandson continues the company legacy, producing hand made tiles in small batches.

Piero Lissoni showcased Domenico Mori tiles in his Duemilaotto kitchen for Boffi. The tiles cover the hood of the kitchen. The off-white 1/2-inch thick tiles have a couple of different, subtle patterns on them that are artfully mixed to create a beautiful, unique hood that compliments and softens the clean lines of his kitchen design.



Salvatori Tile has been making a name for itself in the natural stone industry since the late 1940s. Salvatori demonstrates their interest in contemporary design through their unique floor and wall collections made with their range of natural stone materials. They are an innovative company, always researching new design possibilities and looking for new materials.






Salvatori was showcased by architect John Pawson in his "House of Stone" exhibition for the 2010 Think Tank Exhibition, Milan. Pawson built a house using Lithoverde from Salvatori that was cut with meticulous accuracy. The structure was lit with LED lighting to enhance the simplicity of the architecture and the texture of the stone.

Lithoverde- Piombo



Lithoverde is the only natural stone in the world comprised of over 98% post-industrial material. Stone scraps are layered to form a block which is then infused with soy-based poly-amid binder to strongly bind the layers together. The block is then just like any other stone, it can be cut into slab or tiles, or carved for various other multi-dimensional products.

Mutina is a young company but boasts a history in the production of ceramics for over 30 years. Since 2006, a team of young managers has given the company new energy and challenges.


Mutina's collections are characterized by hand-crafted details that enhance the qualities of the materials used. Graphic themes, plain, multicolored offerings allow for tailor made tile arrangements and the possibility to combine and interchange tiles from various ranges. Mutina is constantly updating it's catalog to stay current with design trends.


"Folded" Tile Design by Raw Edges

Mutina works with several notable designers to provide new and interesting designs. Patricia Urquiola and Tokujin Yoshioka are just two of the designers that Mutina employs. Patricia Urquiola designed the Dechirer collection for Mutina. The collection explores the expressive potential of ceramics, incorporating patterns and colors that are inspired by the nature and the consistency of concrete.



Tokujin Yoshioka designed the Phenomenon collection for Mutina. Yoshioka was inspired by the irregular patterns and textures found in nature, which is reflected in the unique textures of the tiles. The white color emphasizes the intriguing depth and dimension in the tiles.




We invite you to stop by DZINE today to see our new tile manufacturers!