November 25, 2009

DZINE - bathroom SALE UP TO 70% OFF

We are reducing the price of the last few items left, please see details HERE.

November 20, 2009

DZINE presents Gervasoni 1882

DZINE is proud to announce the addition of GERVASONI to its exclusive collection, one of the oldest furniture manufacturers of its kind. Since 1882 Gervasoni has produced high end furniture, combining exquisite craftsmanship with a high level of attention to detail. Gervasoni collections, which are suitable for both residential and contract settings, showcase a wide range of materials including cane, rattan core, Manila, rattan, abaca, bamboo, alginate, parchment, opus signinum, Malacca cane, black walnut, deal, aluminum, iron, and sandstone, almost always used in their natural state.

Gray collection designed by Paola Navone - Table 33 in gray stained oak, armchair 24 in American walnut, chair 21 and 23 in gray stained oak and American walnut.

Pane e Acqua - Italy - project by Paola Pavone - Gray Collection chairs

Le Cantine de Commer├žants - Switzerland - project by Idee in primo piano - Gray Collection chairs

Sweet 2 - Armchair, matt black lacquered metal frame woven with black matt PVC - Sweet 69 - Storage unit in American walnut and white laquered.

Sweet 8 - Suspension lamp woven with black matt PVC - Sweet 33 table - Sweet 2 chair.

Blue Palace Resort & Spa - Greece - Coco Collection sofas.
Sirene Blue Resort - Greece - Ghost Collection armchairs.