May 16, 2012

New Products Presented by Living Divani

Living Divani, the dynamic family-run firm with its signature upholstery, presents a new collection born of curiosity and the drive to experiment, to instill new genres, materials and balances into its geometrical world full of light, comfortable furniture.

This year, the greatest interpreter of the Living Divani style, Piero Lissoni extends the family of upholstered pieces from the brand with the new Rod sofa, with its distinctive slender back and light, airy shell, lined with inviting cushions. Raised up on 12 mm wide chrome-plated steel feet, screwed into the frame, Rod comes in set dimensions, as an armchair, bench and two- or three-cushion sofa, available in two different depths. Its distinction lies in the possibility of choosing different coverings for the shell and cushions – enhanced with quilted details and bold buttons - mixing finishes with striking two-tone and two-material effects and captivating leather/fabric combos.

For the bedroom, Piero Lissoni brings us the new Chemise Bed and Chemise Sofa-Bed, which both echo the soft, enveloping lines and reassuringly classic design of the sofa from which they derive, created in 2010. In these products, minimal shapes are accompanied by maximum visual comfort, for those who do not wish to be parted from the harmonious softness of Living Divani even at night, and in their dreams.

The Milanese designer Francesco Rota, who skilfully balances neo-bourgeois touches with a more informal sense of relaxation, is the creator of the charming Hinge family of stools, with a slender metal structure that exudes measured elegance. Four light legs, joined together horizontally to provide comfortable footrests, topped by a slightly curved rectangular upholstered seat, in a range of colors, represent the ideal extension and complement for the Hinge family of tables, presented in 2010.

Living Divani renews its collaboration with Nathan Yong, the Asian designer whose work derives from a process of heartfelt thought, influenced by society and by Singaporean culture, and rooted in his childhood experiences. Off Cut bookcase is made by piecing together bits of solid walnut or oak, the off-cuts from processing larger wooden boards used to create other pieces of furniture. A light, ethereal construction, defined by what is removed, a subtle weave upholding invisible glass shelves and giving new life to material that would otherwise have gone for pulping, with a view to recycling and treating the environment with respect. Stack Table coffee tables on the other hand, focus on texture; comprising a set of three stackable containers of different heights, with a trestle structure and colorful shelves, which are lots of fun to rearrange, until you find your own favorite configuration.

The Rabbit and Tortoise collection alludes to the world of childhood and cartoons, to the stylized shapes of animals drawn by children. This family of occasional tables of various heights is designed by the young duo Timo Wong and Priscilla Lui, alias Studio Juju, also from Singapore. Seven tables, each a different shape and size, to be arranged so as to create flow within their space, making for constantly new ways of interacting, an experimental experience to be shared with the people who sit around the curves and use them in their everyday life. While the Rabbit model is shaped like a little bunny face, with two long ears pointing upwards, the cute Tortoise model depicts a head and shell, and the three Round tables A, B, C and two Long tables A and B, with different heights and dimensions, complete the range, offering a vast array of possible configurations.

2012 sees the continuation of the collaboration with emerging designer Victor Vasilev, born in Bulgaria, raised in Israel, trained in Denmark, and now working in Milan, who renews the success of Bukva bookcase with his new Coffee Table B2, which encloses magazines and other objects in an interplay of moving layers, with panels of different heights and sizes set over a square base. Available in a single 84 x 84 cm version that can stand alone or in multiples to create a larger composition, B2 seems like a miniature architectural structure, offering different perspectives according to the viewpoint.

From the imagination and creativity of Giopato&Coombes, the young designer duo - she Italian, he British - comes the armchair Kiru, with its name derived from the root of the Japanese word kimono, which means ‘to dress’. Refined, with impeccable bearing and grace, it has soft, broad shapes and distinctive sartorial details in the fabric that folds over on the sides and back, like an haute couture dress. A bold, decorative look, that arose from a rethink of the construction technique: the internal structure consists of a tubular steel insert with polyurethane foam padding, meticulously wrapped in a simply pleated fabric, without any visible stitching.

Among the new finds for 2012 is the young Italian designer Mario Ferrarini, born in 1978, who shapes the unbroken line of his stool/table Kalè using Crystalplant, a cutting-edge technological composite material. An object that brings to mind celestial worlds, a space-age habitat made of purified forms developed around the simple geometry of a circle. Softened with a round cushion, which sits asymmetrically on the splayed seat, it transforms into a handy stool. Kalè can be used alone or to enhance an existing setting, and is particularly attractive in small groups, forming a constantly evolving imaginary floral landscape.

These are the ten new designs from Piero Lissoni, Francesco Rota, Nathan Yong, Studio Juju, Victor Vasilev, Giopato&Coombes and Mario Ferrarini, which will all feature at the Living Divani stand at the Salone del Mobile, alongside the best-loved products in the existing catalogue. The architectural showcase, designed by Lissoni, creates a scenario with a highly seductive cosmopolitan look, where the brand’s sophisticated, contemporary proposals fit in seamlessly, proposing settings where home meets contract, as the firm reaches out to both sectors simultaneously.

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