December 19, 2011

Artwork by Daniel Diaz-Tai Featured at DZINE

DZINE is pleased to work with San Francisco art gallery, Cain Schulte Contemporary Art, to showcase the talented artist, Dainel Diaz-Tai.  His large scale artworks will be on display at DZINE for several months. 

"My artwork is inspired by a continuous dialogue between subconscious writing and spontaneous movement manifested through non-representational images.

My multicultural background as a male Asian-Latino has had a significant influence in my creative development. Although I grew up moving around between Venezuela, Shanghai, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and the U.S, I identify with Latino customs and traditions. However my multicultural background can be easily perceived in the expressions of my artwork.

At the moment of creating an art piece, my thoughts and feelings are depicted through my own movement. The writing in my art does not translate into English, Spanish or Mandarin. Instead, there is an abstract interpretation of these three languages, allowing the art to express itself through a medium that has no specific language. My primary intention is for the viewer to relate to the movement of my writing. I accomplish this by creating my own asemic script, which allows the viewer to interpret the writing by reading its fluidity.

The moment I begin an art piece, I do not have specific images in my mind, rather my subconscious creates a momentum and a repetition of dialogue. While doing a mixture of writing and washing, I create layers upon a medium. My limited color palette allows me to remain connected with my concept. I prefer bold tones such as black and white, which creates a visual medium through my emotions providing a clear understanding of myself."

–Daniel Diaz Tai, 2011


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