November 4, 2010

Norbert Wangen visits DZINE

German born Architect and Designer Norbert Wangen has been part of the Boffi design team since 2003. He was the creator of the first kitchen with a sliding work surface, the K2.

The K2 was first presented at the furniture trade fairs of Cologne, Milan and Chicago in 2000. When Norbert designed the K2 he kept the process of cooking in mind. He thought of the kitchen as a machine and how it should work according to the way the consumer would use it. In 2003 Boffi acquired the K2 as well as the Norbert Wangen trademark.

Norbert Wangen has since produced other kitchen systems such as the K14 and bathroom system such as the B14.


Norbert not only creates beautiful systems, but has also designed the L10 washbasin and the W1 kitchen and bathroom taps.

In May of 2010 Norbert Wangen, along with Boffi CEO Roberto Gavazzi, visited DZINE for the opening of the new Boffi showroom. During his visit Norbert did a drawing on the wall detailing the disappearing capabilities of the K2.

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