November 15, 2010

Doctor Gianturco

 from Interni by Alessandra Mauri

He's more charming than Dr. Gregory House. But unlike the famous character seen on television, Giulio Gianturco abandoned the medical profession to take up design. Often achieving extraordinarily innovative results.
What is your educational background?
When I finished high school I wanted to study architecture, but at the time (1972) the school of architecture in Venice was in a state of chaos. So I enrolled to study Medicine, following in the footsteps of my father and my grandfather.
How did the passion for design get started?
I have always been good with my hands; whenever I imagined an object, I would make it. I practiced medicine in Castelfranco Veneto: I had a workshop nearby, and I spent free afternoons making prototypes of objects for myself and friends. That's how I gained experience, with the local craftsmen, who helped me a lot, also because I don't know how to draw. I don't have a traditional studio, I don't work with assistants.
How did you get into the world of design?
I've known Roberto Gavazzi of Boffi for many years, we would often meet outside of those circles. I showed him my pieces in steel, and he liked them: that led to the Minimal series.
What is your relationship with materials?
I am curious; I try to use materials that have been used in other sectors: so-called "marine" steel (AISI 304 stainless) was familiar to me thanks to my experience with yachting. With Agape I then made a silicon shower head. I was experimenting with membranes used inside shower heads to keep deposits from forming. Gluing two sheets of silicon together, I got the idea for the shower head: I like it when material is displayed, in all its essence.
Your latest project?
With Cesana we presented, at the International Bath Fair, a shower where a double glass with tropical fish is inserted in the wall. I was inspired by Miami, where they have a great passion for aquariums. It was a provocative piece, but I liked it a lot.
Technology and poetry.
In effect I have experimented with all the elements. Air, water, fire, earth: the fan, the faucet, the shower head, fire extinguishers, fireplace tools; I have even designed a box of memory: a cinerary urn.
What cannot be missing in an object today?
Especially when you talk about water and light, you cannot get away from the idea that the object you are designing has to be sustainable. With Natalino Malasorti of CEA we have obtained a patent, and with it we are developing a shower head that consumes 4.5 lt per minute. CEA will also distribute my latest project: a fan with six carbon blades, with a low-tension motor that consumes just 20 Watt/hour, capable of moving 40,000 cubic meters of air per hour.
What are you working on now?
I am working on a new, totally revolutionary project, but I still can't talk about it...
We'll look forward to seeing that, and being surprised!

Giulio Gianturco has collaborated with many Italian design companies including Boffi and Agape. For Boffi he designed the entire "Minimal" collection,"Matilda" shower, "Air" fan, and the "Fire" fire extinguisher.

"Minimal" wall faucet

"Minimal" shower head

"Air" fan

Wallpaper magazine awarded "Fire" the extinguisher The Best Kitchen Appliance in 2006.

"Fire" the extinguisher

For Agape he created the "Kaa" shower collection, and the "Soft 2" and "Soft 3" bath mats. In 2005 "Kaa" received both the Elle Deco International Design Award in the bathroom category and the Design Plus Award Material Vision at Frankfurt.

"Kaa" shower head and hand shower

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