January 5, 2012

Interview with Ron Gilad at DZINE

In occasion of the launch of FLOS San Francisco at DZINE, Ron Gilad introduced his "Wall Piercing" in the following interview.

Flos Lighting: Interview with Ron Gilad from DZINE store on Vimeo.

Below are some of the showroom installation images.

1. For new construction space the Wall Piercings in the desired configuration allowing for enough space between the panels so the 'Piercing' rings will not hit each other.

2. Fix the drywall up against the back panels for the Wall Piercings.  Tape around the back panels with fiberglass tape and then mud in

3. Add two filler layers and one finisher layer to create a seamless transition from the back panels of the Wall Piercing and the drywall.

4. Finish by painting the wall and installing the 'Piercing' rings.

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