May 17, 2011

Piero Lissoni visits DZINE

Last week DZINE received a special visit from Piero Lissoni. To honor our special guest, we hosted a breakfast presentation and a meet and greet cocktail hour.

During the breakfast presentation, Piero Lissoni spoke about his philosophy on design, of the need of an architect to also play the role of product designer, graphic designer and urban planner, all at once.  His perspective on design reaches across all scales, small to large, as he aims to understand how we, as humans will relate to his work.  Piero proceeded to present a handful of his latest projects, examples from his latest book ‘Piero Lissoni: Recent Architecture’, showing how a simple image of a Richard Serra sculpture is translated to a high-rise boutique for Benetton, or taking the idea of a toy crane and multiplying the scale to create a 250 meter cantilevered building.  Piero pushes the boundaries of design not only through his concepts, but also through his execution, such as his 4-year undertaking to create gas-blown thermoplastic dining chairs which reduce the amount of nylon by 30% per chair, across a production of 100,000 chairs per year.  Or his idea for the Coca-Cola headquarters to be fabricated of what looks like plastic straws. 

After the showroom closed for business, DZINE opened its doors for a special cocktail event to celebrate the launch of Piero Lissoni’s book, where architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts got the chance to mingle and chat with Piero Lissoni.  Also joining us were Carola Bestetti and Francesca Citterio from Living Divani, and Amelia Tagliabue from Porro, both companies in which Piero Lissoni serves as the art director.  The lucky few that requested Piero Lissoni to sign a copy of his book, also received a unique sketch to accompany his signature.

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