April 12, 2011

Gearing up for the Salone del Mobile: Porro

We are looking forward to the new products from Porro designed by Piero Lissoni, Front, and Christophe Pillet debuting at the Milan Furniture Fair this week. 

The first piece of the 2011 collection to be presented is Sundial, a wall clock that stands out for its circular form and glowing albescence. A metal disk 21-1/2" in diameter presents the twelve hours applied perpendicularly to the plane of the disk so that they can only be read via the shadows they cast on the white surface. An innovative concept: when viewed from the front it is transformed into a composition of parallel lines, while from the side it becomes a captivating superimposition of numbers.

Another project preparing for its debut is the Showcase Table: a coffee table / bedside table with graceful lines and a double top acting as a glass showcase for the objects that populate one’s daily life—books, eyeglasses, fruit—putting them on elegant display and elevating them to the status of art. Available in 2 formats, square or rectangular, it’s made up of an upper glass top and an inferior pullout surface in white lacquer, as its bearing structure, a real secret drawer hidden behind its apparent simplicity.

Piero Lissoni has conceived compositions whose volumes are cadenced by color, dimensional interplays, juxtapositions of materials, alternation of space and solids to make contemporary living spaces richer and more delightful.

For 2011, Modern plunges into the color, to show all the expressive possibilities of Porro new palette, debuting at Salone. It will be completely revised by increasing the number of colors from 18 to 24 and introducing 16 new vibrant nuances, from the warm and cold greys, to a series of soft tones, up to the brightest hues of fuchsia, yellow, blue, acid green, enhancing with pigments the purified geometries of the company’s proposals.

Following the success of H.chair, Soft Chair armchair, Nouvelle Vague chaise lounge, Nancy writing desk and Jade lounge chair with Shahan small table, mixing clean geometries with a typical discreet French elegance, Christophe Pillet is widening Porro's catalog with a passe-partout piece for both domestic and working ambiances.

The P-frame bookcase, a piece for the center of the room, perfect for dividing the dining room from the living room or the work spaces from the reception areas. The innovative structural system comprises a double frame, front and back, that ensures rigidity and light weight, and eliminates the need for a back. High thickness 1-1/2" suspended shelves thus trace out its design, which may be enriched with an optional sliding door, a mobile screen that introduces a pleasant dynamism into its setting.

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