March 12, 2011

Somnium Mattresses now at DZINE

DZINE is proud to now represent the mattress manufacturer Somnium.  What sets Somnium apart from their competitors is their OmniFlex springs, designed to increase comfort through better support.

Being the most advanced spring mattress available today, it relies on more than a century of experience in mattress making, European design and the latest medical and ergonomic research.  Plus it offers much more than you come to expect from your bed! 

For the healthiest and most relaxing sleep posture, your shoulder and hip should be allowed to sink into your mattress more deeply than the rest of your body.  This is a design challenge Somnium has met head on by pioneering the use of two different firmness grades of springs within the same mattress, offering optimum support and comfort.  The hourglass-shaped springs are made from the same high-quality elastomer traditionally used in the aviation and car industries and high-performance athletic gear.  These innovative springs offer structural strength and exceptional durability that is superior to that of metal springs.

The OmniFlex spring is guaranteed to prevent motion transfer, even while sleeping next to a restless partner.  So stop by DZINE today and test out our Somnium mattress! These mattresses are made in the USA and can be delivered in one to two weeks.  Custom sizes are available.

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