December 13, 2010

Venini Chandelier now at DZINE

Venini, the latest addition to the DZINE collection, is the largest and most successful of the Murano glass fabricators. The company was established in 1921 by Paolo Venini, who embraced Modernist trends in art and architecture with their elegant shapes and colors. Venini was also known for bringing in new ideas to Murano through acclaimed designers, including Napoleon Martinuzzi, Tommaso Buzzi, Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, Tyra Lundgren, and Fulvio Bianconi. The Venini products consist of a collection of vases and table top items, and a lighting collection. Both collections include classic pieces, as well as new designs.

Paolo Venini, a law school graduate from Milan, came from a family with a long history in glass working. In 1921, he started Cappellin Venini & Co producing glass art objects. He took the Murano tradition of glass blowing and combined it with the French fashion industry tradition of collaborating with designers. The company broke away from the traditional Novecento style, which was based on ancient Roman designs found in oil paintings, and propelled the glass industry into the 20th century using the artistic designs of architect Carlo Scarpa and his ideas of modern shapes and experimental coatings. After World War II, Venini hired illustrator Fulvio Bianconi, ushering in Murano’s most important era of creativity, popularity and collectability. In 1956, Paolo Venini developed collaborations with the greatest architects in the window and lighting fields, and became a great designer in his own right. He is the creator of the Mosaico-Zanfirico and Murrine styles of glass work, both highly collectable because of their rarity. He also created the “Fazzoletto” (the handkerchief vase), in collaboration with Fulvio Bianconi. Today, Paolo Venini’s name is still synonymous with impeccable taste, style and entrepreneurship.

DZINE is pleased to have the grand 'Diamantei' chandelier installed in its Boffi showroom.

See detail images below:

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