October 11, 2010

Lissoni designed Studio M hotel in Singapore

The new Studio M hotel is situated on the Singapore River, just a short walk from the Clark Quay district.  The hotel reception is the symbol of this project and is fitted out to resemble a modern temple with glass walls.  The guests are welcomed in this evocative space which accommodates two imposing sculpture tables, white painted metal islands, over one of which hangs a five-meter high over sized lamp in steel tubing. 

In addition to redefining the entrance and outfitting the room interiors, the work also envisages the design of the public areas.  A large open space, situated on the second storey, becomes a multi-functional area to include the hanging gardens with palms, bamboo and mirrors of water, the pool, the lounge area, the bar restaurant and also the areas given over to fitness, meditation, and relaxation.

The ventilation was left intentionally simple and natural in the garden through the use of wooden ceiling fans, so highlighting the desire to bestow the feeling of a protective and relaxing atmosphere, in Stark contrast to the frenzy of city life.

The interiors of this floor are organized to combine the simplicity of the wide and open surfaces with the elegant refinement of original and apposite articles, mixed furnishings ranging from vintage to colonial, from multi-ethnic to contemporary.  The lounge-restaurant area is fitted out with freestanding cooking stations and includes a modern take on the English pub, a bar overhung by a large cloud-like fiberglass lamp which casts an aura of light similar to that of an oriental lantern.  The ceiling is covered in anthracite colored bamboo cane.

The duplex rooms with separate bed and living/office areas connected by stairs are conceived both for rest and for work.  Large windows overlook the river, the internal garden and the city skyline, the main point of reference for this project.    

Text courtesy of Lissoni Associati.

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